Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Michael Goodstein's Hanukkah Party

The Party: Michael Goodstein's Hanukkah Party Show
Location: Secret Project Robot in Williamsburg
Total Party Count: 82

On Sunday night Michael Goodstein, who DJs my favorite WFMU radio show Choking on Cufflinks, threw a Hanukkah Party/Show in Williamsburg and he did not take the theme lightly. He kept running to 'n' fro frying up potato latkes, and I’m glad I generously offered my help because it gave us an opportunity to bond over our shared heritage of Jewish hash browns and obscure DIY pop. If I recall correctly, I first met Mike at the 2000 WFMU record fair and he seemed kind of like a weirdo (and so was I, natch), but that turn of the century ghost-world-era of social awkwardness & dressing like a circus act is a distant memory, and now we are both amazing. Mike even goes to synagogue in Greenpoint! What a mensch! Apparently the rabbi there is Maurice Applebaum, this kid man from my high school who came with me to see Belle & Sebastian in 1998, where Mike was also in attendance. What a world!

Goodstein's Latkes, Live from Secret Project Robot!

 Alex 'n' Carla's Hanukkah Crafts Time

German-Jewish Measles

 Just Noshin!
Me with Mike Goodstein & Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy who is wearing Mike's Barmitzvah Yarmulke while contemplating a new band name because they are finally cracking down on his copyright infringement.

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