Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Art Basel: Converse Party

The Party: Converse Party "Art is for Everyone"
Location: Wynwood, Miami
Total Party Count: 76

So I was hanging in Miami at Art Basel this weekend (don't ask but maybe i'll explain later) and I overheard someone talking about "Khan's Party"-- I didn't know who Khan was but I figured he must be a gallery owner who was gonna have a major rager that night! But when I found myself at the "Converse Party" I realized that Khan sells sneakers, not art! Sounds like a loser but apparently he is very popular.

 The event was subtitled "ART IS FOR EVERYONE (who is pathetic enough to stand on this line for an hour PS there is no awesome rollercoaster at the end)"

Tagged along with some press like SBS's Britten Heft and the wonderful Nick McGlynn of Random Night Out

The music was dumb but it was warmer inside

but the music really was dumb so I went back outside

I found Ben Schechter. He spent a few hours at the party painting this wall. 

 We match! He needs to XYZ but I didn't want to photoshop it and make my readers aspire towards unattainable standards of perfection.
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