Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bagelfest Brunch Party

The Party: Sarah's Bagelfest Brunch Party
Location: Sarah's Apt in Greenpoint
Total Party Count: 81

My pal Sarah Gentile has been holding a holiday "Bagelfest" brunch for the past 6 years, 5 of which I missed because I never wake up early enough. Ever since I was a depressed teen with an "online addiction" (in the 90’s that was the term for people who used the internet for more than 30 minutes) I've always stayed up too late at night thus failing at everything in the world that occurs before noon.

Luckily the invitation for bagelfest read "noon til later" so I hustled to make it by "later," and I arrived at Sarah's Greenpoint apartment at 3pm, just in time for the holiday grab bag! I won a bunch of old postcards, which is pretty good considering I didn't put anything in. The bad thing is I don't send postcards because you need stamps and a mailbox and everything! Also I don't want people seeing what I write on it (also can you please stop reading my blog?). However, I feel bad to let these postcards go to waste, so I've decided to write postcards to you (or your mom or whoever)! email me with an address and i'll send one with a special personal greeting (while supplies last). Don't be shy now!

These people have been here for 3 hours and even though they're not eating bagels now, they probably did at some point.

cinnamon raisin!

Jed fell asleep during the grab bag

Me with your future postcards. 

Peace out from BagelFest 2k9!
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1 comment:

  1. I was also at BagelFest V, but left before your 3pm arrival, and therefore missed the grab bag and lost out on some really cool postcards, apparently. Sucks to be me.