Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kevin's Crown Heights Holiday Party

The Party: Kevin Pedersen's Holiday Party
Location: His apt in Crown Heights, Brooklyn
Total Party Count: 87

For the love of Jesus, I headed over to KevPed's Christmas party in Crown Heights after the Blvck America Party and tried not to hit any goyim with my rabbinical motorcade on the way. In that regard, the party was a huge success! Unfortunately I have spearheaded a new initiative whereby I wear high heels and I was a big crybaby about it despite the heels not even being that high and wearing Dr. Scholl's For Her Gel Insoles- Whats a girl gotta do to be a woman? Yknow, It's my birthday this week, the perfect excuse for someone out there to buy me some sessions with a Miss Teen America Pageant Coach! Anybody? Anybody?

OMGDZZZ its PEGGY FROM THE PAINS. also mark monnone (from the lucksmiths doy!) havent seen this bro in ages.

Pinky wishes for Peace this Christmas

Me & Kevin "Tell Me About It" Pedersen

All dat and a bag-o-chips!

Season's Greetings!

 Da Funky Bunch

Mind if I sit this one out?

OPTICAL ILLUSION! There are actually 4 people in this picture. See if you can spot em!

 Jump Jive n Wail!
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1 comment:

  1. Your choice in high heels shows taste. Throwing off your heels and twisting in mis-matched socks... that shows class. Who needs party ettiquette when youre writing the book.