Thursday, December 24, 2009

Blvck America Dance Party

The Party: Blvck America
Location: China Chalet (Chinese Restaurant in Financial District)
Total Party Count: 86

Recently the "Pump Up The Jamz DJ Crew" AKA Me & Peggy were invited to DJ a party night called "Blvck America." My favorite co-worker Kela (who is blvck) saw the flyer on my computer and was like, "WTF, you are DJing a black party?" I was like, no! But actually the answer is partially yes. The party was about the same ratio as the band "The Black Kids" -  2/5th black. See, you have to have at least some black people because otherwise its racist. Take the band "The Muslims" for instance-- they didn't have any Muslims therefore it was racist and they had to change their name to "The Soft Pack"- bleh! What they needed to do was kick out one member (maybe the 1/2 Jewish one) and replace him with a real Muslim..... Problem Solved!

Me & Pegs with the supercool Saheer Umar (who is Blvck AND Muslim!)

Should we play "Rhythm of the Night" or "Rhythm is a Dancer"? Focus, Focus!!

Whoop There it is!

 MTV Party-To-Go!

 I might have to steal these finger poses in the future

The firemen made sure we partied safely. Thanks Guys!
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