Friday, December 11, 2009

Art Basel: All The Other Parties

The Party: A Bunch of Parties During Art Basel (adds up to 1 normal party)
Location:  Miami
Total Party Count: 77

As mentioned, last weekend I found myself at Art Basel in Miami. This brings up many questions....

1) What is Art Basel? Its like SXSW but for art & for people who aren't poor.
2) What is Miami? Its a place where people go to "lounge" at hotels, and when they are done they move to  different hotels to decide if the lounging there is better or worse.
3) Why was I there? There's really no justifiable answer to this. I wanted to find out the answers to questions 1 & 2-- probably could have just read about it on a blog but my patience for blogs is really low.

Here are some random parties I "hit up" (I'm counting them as one whole party)....

Here's some fancy party in the back of the Raleigh Hotel. In Miami, parties happen at the back of hotels. Remember that. 

Snob Magazine Party, also at the back of a hotel.'s Seva in the frame-- we met while "lounging at The Delano"(he recognized me from partyaday! AAH!)

I Art NY's Party at "Rock Bar"! Misshapes were DJing. I got in because the bouncer decided I'm "cool" cause I said I was friends with Leigh Lezark. Wish Leigh really was my friend so I could b kewl 4 real.

Shoulda partied with this dude!

Welcome to Miami! Dr. Sketchy Takes Art Basel, if that makes any sense

Do I look stupid enough yet? I did it for Nick McGlynn. Also stupid- NY Post's Justin Rocket Silverman, Ari Kuschnir, and SBS's Britten Heft

Its the Art Basel version of Naked Cowboy. Also the Art Basel version of Patrick Chairlift 

More parties in hotels! Andrew (on the left) at the Le Baron DJ night at the Florida Room at the Delano Hotel. He doesn't know these people.

Put the lotion in the basket

Art Basel
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