Monday, December 7, 2009

Buboo's Office B-day Party

The Party: Buboo's Blazin-Hot Office Birthday Bash
Location:  My office's meeting table
Total Party Count: 75

In early 2005 I received  an email from HR requesting all employees reply with their date of birth. I figured they needed it to investigate how many illegal handguns I own, but actually there was a new initiative in my office to celebrate everyone's birthday! Suddenly 3pm cakes-in-the-conference-room were de rigueur and I was  challenged to write meaningful variations of "happy birthday" on cards that were being passed around under administrative supervision. Sadly, like most initiatives, this one disappeared after a few months, as did the illusion of anyone caring about me and my day-after-christmas birthday.

Fast forward a few party-less years to last week when my second-favorite co-worker Buboo mentioned it being her birthday. Right then I knew it was my calling not only to bring back the partying, but also to throw the HOTTEST OFFICE BDAY BASH EVA!!!! I was going for a Sean Puff Diddy Combs White Party meets 1Oak meets my 26th floor conference table kinda vibe.

I hired Kela & Dave to help set up decor (under my executive direction)

Buboo's Surprise!

I didn't get these from Whole Foods. 

 I made buboo's dreams come true, and now i get to eat dragon land's chinese fruit cake

Office morale is really improving, all thanks to me!
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