Friday, December 11, 2009 Holiday Party

The Party:'s Holiday Party
Location: Phaidon Book Store (in Soho)
Total Party Count: 78

"How was the Cool Hunting Holiday Party?" Well on the scale of how much fun you can have inside a book store, I'd say it was a success. The party was hosted at the Phaidon Publishers Pop-Up Store and they covered all the major bases- cocktails,  hors deouvres, and discount merch. They cooked up a bunch of delicious treats from their cookbooks, but I wasn't going to buy a cookbook because I don't cook or read or give people things for Christmas. Basically my entire purpose of being there was to have snacks and then report this vital piece of information back to the internet.

 Strangely, it looked empty from the outside.

When I dip you dip we dip

 They made amazing celery and starbucks. Me, Leti, and Doug.

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