Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm In Time Out NY!

I'M FAMOUS!!!! Thats right, check out my 2-page spread in the Time Out NY holiday double-issue, the one with the cover  graced by Liev Schreiber and Scarlett Johansson. This is actually not the first time Scarlett and I have been featured together-- we were both one of the "21 Coolest Girls in America Under 21 " in YM Magazine's November 2001 issue (and we have been unspoken rivals since then-- H8 U SCARLETT!).

I was curious what happened to the other 19 "YM cool girls" and discovered this hilarious hyper-PC-collegiate-blah-blah article from Harvard Crimson 2001 where  "cool girl" Madeleine E. '04, who rallied to increase Harvard cafeteria worker's wages (or something), bitched about how “It’s pretty mortifying to be associated with YM- this issue has a poster of Blink 182 inside of it" and that she was "disappointed with the results of the article. It was substanceless and felt like the issue really didn’t get explained well." Did she think this was being fact-checked by the New Yorker?? YM basically called me a famous singer when actually I was running a tiny record label-- think I gave a shit?? No, I didn't, I was just happy to be in the fake 99.999th percentile of teenage coolness.  Perhaps this humiliating accolade scarred her so bad that it inspired her current career, a fact-checker over at the New Yorker.
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