Thursday, December 24, 2009

Refinery 29's Holiday Party

The Party:'s Holiday Party
Location: Madewell Store (in Soho)
Total Party Count: 86

Recently a friend of mine suggested that I've undertaken Party-a-Day as an act of masochism, a subconscious effort to punish myself nightly for not being popular in high school or something like that. Perhaps there is some truth to it, because it's the only reason to explain why I would subject myself to yet another fashion party,'s Holiday Party. But it was just a few blocks from my apartment, and my friends were DJing, so I was like okkkkkk fiiiiiine.


I'm friends with Au Revoir Simone! No really. Noooo REally!!!! (no really, we get manicures and stuff)

A guy and Refinery 29's Kelley Hoffman, who is a fellow Smith College alum and WOZQ DJ. This is the first time I'm seeing her since 2004 despite repeated attempts to coincide on the party circuit!


Me 'n' Kels! A rare breed of Smith girls i.e. no detachable penises here!
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