Monday, December 14, 2009

Beggars / Matador Records Holiday Party

The Party: Beggars Group / Matador Records Holiday Party
Location: Russian Samovar's Upstairs Bar (Broadway District)
Total Party Count: 80

It was the dawn of 2001 when I began interning at Matador Records, a time when I was easily amused by mailing packages to Spoon, redirecting phone calls from Jon Spencer, waiting for Mary Timony to be done with the Xerox machine, and listening to thousands of "unsolicited demo CDs" that had been stockpiled for years prior to my heroic arrival  (including awesome demos from Adam Green and The Knife who I guess we passed on-- oopsy?). But one thing that my internship did not include was the annual Matador Records Holiday Party, and ever since I was a little girl with too much radiation exposure, I wondered what went on at such a thing-- Would Stephen Malkmus and Cat Power do Christmas duets? Would Yo La Tengo do keg stands?  Would Carlos D give me herpes?

Well it took nearly 9 years, but I have some answers. Inexplicably the biggest music celeb in attendance wasn't even on Beggars/ Matador, but  hey, R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, I love "What's The Frequency Kenneth!" The rest of the party was mostly "the biz" and everyone got properly wasted courtesy of Vampire Weekend album sales. I give major props to the people over at Beggars Group who decided there would be no music at this party, cause music is so played out! Smooth Move!

 Thanks again Ezra  & Rostam!

Russian Cake Eating Contest

Jake & Nicole win at indierock!

 The Late Night Shift

Industry Folk
Karaoke Afterparty!!

Gabe Spierer, Who could hang a name on you?

Yep, I'm still here.
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