Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Worst Cooks in America TV Party

The Party: Worst Cooks in America TV Party w/ Contestant Rachel!
Location: Apt. in Brooklyn
Total Party Count: 97

I salute my shorts to the casting director who decided to enlist Rachel Coleman AKA Pop Jew on "Worst Cooks in America", The Food Network's legit new reality show. I've always felt a certain  affinity towards Rachel because we are both indiepop jew girls.... and both bloggers now! But she's got one up on me, because I will never be the Puck of 2k10.

I arrived at the intimate TV-viewing party at the apt. of one of Rachel's friends expecting a jovial crowd getting psyched for epsiode 2 of America's Best Pop Jew,  but actually everyone was just eating potato chips in the dark while solemnly engrossed in an episode of Big Love. After a dead Mormon compound leader was discovered by the FBI, the Tivo was rewound and it was time to watch Rachel with Rachel! Though her salad was deemed under-seasoned,  her endearing reality TV performance was nothing short of stellar and her pork was good enough to keep her in the running. In fact, while Rachel can't reveal how far she makes it, her enthusiasm for the knife set that they gave her plus the intense expressions of hatred every time contestant Eddy's face appeared on screen gives me the impression that she spent a good amount of time around Eddy and the knives, which makes me optimistic for more episodes of PopJew fun.

Finally done watching Big Love




Needs more kibbles

Evil Eddy!!! (I don't know why he is so bad but I believe Rachel)

Can't wait til next week!
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  1. Rachel Coleman is a yammering cunt!

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